About Me

Weaving and Painting

I weave, paint and recycle.

From an early age, weaving has been my vocation and avocation.  As I push into painting, I weave canvases.  I use the stretcher as a frame loom and abandon the horizontal and vertical structure traditional to weaving.

I recycle used fabric and plastic in my work, being conscientious about the waste that is produced on the planet, and that it will require disposal.

I paint to announce the texture of the cloth and to simultaneously obscure it.  The paint creates mystery.  The viewer is invited to touch and ask questions about my work. I base my work on images that capture my attention, but once the work begins, the reference is abandoned and the process responds to the work itself.  In each work I ask a new question about painting, weaving, texture, color, pattern and movement.

Please contact me to purchase work or discuss a commission.