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Sweet Memory Tree

Sweet Memory Tree

This price does NOT include shipping. Local delivery ONLY or contact to discuss shipping BEFORE purchasing. This can NOT be shipped UPS.

40 x 54 Acrylic and gold leaf on repurposed materials, including fabric and Werther's Originals wrappers.

This is a large and impressive piece. It is highly dimensional. The background is woven fabric. The trunk of the tree is done with woven embroidery stitch. The leaves are Werther Original wrappers that have been stiffened and give the appreance of glass. Is is mostly black, browns and real gold with hints of light purple and light green. 



  • No Shipping, Return Policy

    This piece is too large to ship UPS. It will require an art shipper. If you are concerned about shipping costs do not purchase it before we get a quote.  If purchased locally, you can see it in my studio or upon delivery and at that point if you decide you don't want to keep it, I will cancel the sale. 

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