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Bottlecap Sunrise

Bottlecap Sunrise

This painting will be in an exhibit through March 31 and will be held for the purchaser through the exhibit. It can be picked up or shipped on April 1st. 

Bottlecap Sunrise is fun! The sun is actually a bottlecap. It is a mixed media collage that includes fabric, plastic and paint peels to create texture in the sky. 


It comes framed in a black floating frame. The frame is plastic and the cost of the frame was not considered in pricing. 

  • Shipping and Returns

    This price includes shipping but NOT return shipping. If you do not enjoy the piece you can return it within 30 days, undamaged, but I will not pay for return shipping. If you are local to Raleigh, NC you can pick it up from Artspace or I can deliver it. 

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